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twelve years ago now. Or, as the American country and western song goes,
"We were country before country was cool".
Rio Lagartos custom home sale: 2-story,
3 Bdr, 2Ba, FURNISHED, huge lot,
included but your tooth brush!
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PRICE SLASHED TO $7400 mx/HA!   
Approximately $199 US/Acre!!!!
Casi 4 km2!  345 HAS    Alta potencial
4 deeded, forested, building parcels plus
24 hectare/59 acre, separate
"Tooting our own horn"?: I wasn´t going to post these because I generally don´t trust anyone who spends too much
time "tooting their own horn". ´Seems to me that for the most part our work and way of dealing with people should say
more than enough. In fact, I still believe that but we have had more than a few comments of late directly through this
site and over the Internet which have inspired me to break with my usual habit of keeping such things to myself.

Here below then are just a few of the comments we have received over the past year  from current, past, and prospective
"Of the few agents who even bothered to answer our email´s, you are the only ones who responded in helpful
detail to our questions"
or, "Nobody we spoke to in Merida had a clue about raising cattle or the current state of the
Or ..."We´re interested in planting organic vegetables but nobody we had talked to or emailed was able to
help us and in fact not even one agent responded until you. I guess they didn´t know or couldn´t be bothered to find
out where even to refer us down there but I must say that whatever the reason it sure is frustrating when you are
writing from thousands of miles away! Thank you Gil for your prompt response and valuable information!"
Finally, here´s one of my favorites: "What can you tell us about AI (Artificial insemination) in the Yucatán cattle
industry? Is it common or even available and if so is it hard to find competent technicians to do it and what do they
charge? I had written at least 3 agents before finding you. I asked them and got no response till you wrote us back the
next day! Thank you especially for telling us up front that while you are not an expert with AI, you would find out
what we wanted to know ASAP which is exactly what you did and got back with us just a coup
le days later...."
Humbling, gratifying, and very much appreciated feedback....

Thank you  to all who have shared your experiences. We have written down some thoughts about "Customer Service" in
an upcoming BLOG and how especially important we think it is in the Service Industries we are involved with, especially
when folks, often "thousands of miles away", are considering  major investments and even life changes and ask for our
help as they consider their options. In our perspective, there is so much more to our work than just "Piling up listings",
"Making the sale", or "Closing the deal". It´s truly very serious business when you are dealing with people´s lives and
futures and besides the truth, we believe that they deserve all of the accurate information we can give them and also to
tell them when we simply "don´t know" but  try our best to find out. At least we think so. Thanks again, everybody!
Solar Technology and benefits. The Future is now...because with affordable solar , this marvelous energy
source and technology has come of age for rural properties and VERY SOON, rural land values will soar....
The Mexican government is now subsidizing farms/ranches to install SOLAR IRRIGATION! IMAGINE WHAT THIS IS GOING TO DO TO
also buying back electricity generated by private/home solar panels!)

MEANTIME IN THE U.S., obscenely wealthy, "special interests" like the infamous Koch brothers, the Walmart heirs, and their ilk are
doing their best to STOP
American home and business owners from exercising their rights as hard-working citizens to access, invest
in, and benefit personally from available and sustainable solar technology
by installing roof-top solar panels on their homes! In fact,
the same cynical, dare we say "greedy", super-rich are also literally spending billions a year internationally to monopolize these
technologies while also trying to
block and discredit critical, scientifically supported information and policy-making regarding
climate change . "Free market" you say? Click HERE....

Continuing, ...Fairly low volume solar well pumps have been around for a while  but this is a quantum leap in pumping capacity and
therefore production capacity and it´s all solar. Even if you buy your own it´s still only a one-time expense! Let´s also be realistic:
Grants are great but not so easy to get even if you are a naturalized ...Mexican citizen. We have been told " it´s no problemo"
qualifying as a  foreigner or expat with an LLC but that just has not been our own experience as yet, although with increasing
government support for solar technologies that too seems to be improving. Any case, it is a VERY SMART investment!

A short, personal, solar technology story we call "The one that got away": Tilapia fish require  a lot of oxygen and if you are growing
them intensively (eg. 5000 fish per tank) the air supply must be 24/7. We had a chance to buy a very well researched, top of the line,
solar aeration system...for all of our 16 commercial tanks...but with all of our other hefty initial and on-going costs we decided to
" wait a while...." and "save" the additional $70,000 pesos and instead use on-the-grid power meantime. Big mistake. In short order
as the fish grew, we ended up paying $15K - $20K pesos PER MONTH, mostly to run just our aeration equipment 22-24 hours a day.

If you divide the total $70.000 peso cost of the solar-electric aeration system  (that we did not buy) by the $17.000 peso average
monthly electric bill for the grid-powered Tilapia farm then you, now we, and even our ranch rooster, can quickly see that the solar
equipment would have paid for itself in roughly... four months. ´Seemed like a prudent choice at the time,... staying on the Grid I
mean. Alas, live and learn and indeed hindsight is 20/20 sometimes.
Still more reasons to be buying rural property... now. Electricity along with food and fuel, and therefore cost of
living, is only going up from here. If American and European Multinational  (AKA: "Supra-National") Corporations and their tag-along,
colleagues are successful in monopolizing Mexican energy resources  (
Think Solar now!) some day then it will all be faster and far
worse because all they are interested in is their own bottom line and, as history has shown again and again, absolutely nothing for the
people who´s lives they intend to
dominate. Tough talk? "Anti progress"? Try to find and then please, please enlighten us by sharing
and showing us where on earth the Neo-cons have privatized energy and water resources (Yes, those are next!) and it benefited, in any
real or lasting way, the general population of the countries they have "occupied" ? Do drop us an
email please?

But I digress. I mentioned the paragraph above simply to suggest that things and costs will only get worse before we are all living in the
paradise that the corporate talking heads and their minions in government and on the boob-tube are promising. I am suddenly
reminded of a John Prine song of long ago wherein he wrote in the refrain, "
Well we are live´n in the future, I´ll tell ya how I know, ...
we´re all drive´n rocket ships and stand´n in soup lines, we´re stand´n soup lines, we´re stand´n ...in...soup...lines....".
 Loses a lot in
the translation but if you don´t know John Prine´s music, do yourself a favor...  In any case, we think that
governments doing the dirty
work for big business (nothing new mind you)  is yet another compelling reason to be shopping internationally for rural, possibly Off-
the-Grid,  properties either alone or possibly better for some as a
Cooperative purchase if not intentional community project.

The "smart money" and personal security, as they say, are in
having land you can produce at least a portion of your and your family´s
necessities on. It
doesn´t have to be that hard....If your money suddenly becomes worth...less (Some say it´s already happened?) then
your extra meat and produce and even firewood can be traded with others for goods and services you will also inevitably require.
This of course will be infinitely more difficult if not often impossible for city dwellers especially in a major national or global crisis.

Loonie Toons, conspiracy wingnuts? "Sky is falling", Prepper , or other
paranoid wackiness? Perhaps. But if you are not seeing what is
happening around you as a result of economic pressures, spiraling costs, (
& profits for an increasingly smaller few) institutionalized,
government supported corruption and greed, and assaults on civil liberties then we might suggest that you are either not looking very
hard or may have chosen some personally convenient state of reality-evading denial. Your choice for now of course although we might
also suggest again that "The future is now" so don´t wait too long to catch up! There are however, things you can do and affirmative,
life and happiness supporting actions you can take.  Then again, if you are already here perusing our website and properties then you
are already being proactive, moving ahead or, at the very least, beginning to study and explore your possibilities and options so
welcome aboard!  Best of success to you and your´s!  It´s not  all bad news and for many of you we think it will validate your interest
and intentions to consider buying rural property.... As a species we have some very
pressing issues to consider. As individuals, families,
and communities we will hopefully be thinking about what part we can play in
lessening our own impacts while assuring, in a real way,
our personal security and the security and prospects for our families and loved ones.

Please also see our page and links on "
Yucatán Land:Why buy and Invest In Rural Properties?" . This is a page which will
continue to grow over time and we hope it will be of increasing interest and assistance to our clients and others who may be
considering options and alternatives to their current locations, economic strategies, and lifestyle choices.

I would like to finish this discussion with a paragraph from the first article we will include on the
"Why buy rural" page. It´s from a
great blog we respect and enjoy (I will include their info below). In this case, they are taking their information and basing their
comments on a paper prepared in the conclusions of the American
National Intelligence Council’s recent report, Global Trends 2030 –

Alternative Worlds
The report begins with the fairly obvious statement "The old is gone… The new is not here yet"
"The NIC, which is made up of the acronym soup of U.S. intelligence agencies ( hardly a bunch of blleding-heart, tree-hugging, enviro-
hippies?), paints several fascinating scenarios of the world in 2030, some of which are optimistic and encouraging and others which are
dire and frightening. It should be self-evident by now that the world is changing very rapidly – more rapidly than at any time in human
history. How you successfully hedge for such an uncertain future in all of its complexity becomes even more important."

Here below is the brief section on food security since that was our main focus above in terms of buying rural lands. As noted, we will
include the entire article and it´s original URL on our
page which we are now continuing to develop.

Four intangible ways to hedge for an uncertain future (  by The Resilient Family Blog)

"Is your current hedge strategy a well-diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds? Do you own real estate? Do you dabble
in commodities or currency trading? Those are still important, but given the scenarios and uncertainties laid out in the
NIC report, the way you hedge for the coming changes will also need to include a mind-blowing variety of new
“intangibles”. Here we ’ll explore four of these: Food, energy, migration and self-reliance.

Food Security From the NIC report:

“Demand for [food, water, energy] will grow substantially owing to an increase in the global population from 7.1 billion
today to 8.3 billion by 2030.” “Modern agriculture is eroding soil at rates at least 10-to-20 times faster than soil forms.
Worldwide soil erosion has caused farmers to abandon 430 million hectares of arable land since the Second World War,
an area the size of India. Increases in oil prices and thus the end of cheap fertilizers means that maintaining
agricultural productivity without healthy soil will become increasingly expensive and difficult”.

Implications: If producing at least some of your own food isn’t part of your hedge strategy, it should be. Do you own
productive farmland? If not, are you turning the ornamental landscaping in your backyard into a vegetable garden that
is more productive and puts food on the table? Have you considered investing in organic farms to add safety and
diversity to your portfolio? Are you exploring vermaculture,
Permaculture and composting to create your own healthy

The increased interest in organic agriculture is no longer just the domain of a few wacky hippies… It’s a thoughtful
and logical response to the above. We are learning quickly that our industrial notions of farming (adding more and
more chemical
fertilizers and pesticides (Our emphasis/link) to increasingly unproductive soil in order to produce
monoculture crops) are providing diminishing returns, and we’re reacting accordingly."
We hope this brief intro above has peaked your interest and that you will continue and read the entire short article
and consider its implications for your own lives and situation. By the way, we would like to say that we are avid
readers and supporters of
 The Resilient Family.com website and blog (http://www.theresilientfamily.com/ ) and
highly recommend it to one and all of our visitors,  friends, and clients whatever your interest!
This is a flagship property!
This is a flagship property!
John Deere Powered, industrial, diesel, generator,
45KVA/50HP for ranch, hotel, or ...super-market
16 tank commercial
aquaculture farm on
250 acre farm /ranch.
Tilapia, freshwater
shrimp & $300/kg
lobster.  65 acres, all
organic, cash crops.
Fully equipped.
Tropical hardwood
The hidden gem of the Emerald Coast
Ranchos Dos Hermanos. 342HAS each
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Full hectare/2.5 AC) "mini-estate" just 1 KM to
Panaba city center. Unseen from road. Gorgeous!
Big Home, Lot & Guest Apartment or Rental ?
Rio Lagartos    Awaits a little TLC & Your Ideas!
Featured Listings
Merida-Progreso Development corridor    
Location, location! 2 HAS/5 Acres for high-rise,
commercial, residential or hospital complex
Minutes from north Merida, Progreso & beaches
65 x 65 ft, palm covered bldg lot El Cuyo
3-5 min to the water  $23,900 US?   You bet!
Yucatán Ranch Farm and Homes.com
Ranchos Granjas y Hogares Yucatán
218 Hectare/536 Acre  Hacienda /Working Ranch,
Campeche, 1 hour near Merida & paraiso Celestun
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Homes, Residential & Commercial Lots
Ek Balam-Chitzen Itza Archeological Zone
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Corps or Fidecomisos for foreign buyers!
¡Welcome to Our Site!
Speaking of raising your own healthy meats for personal use and/or sale, be sure to also see our Cattle
Links page and especially, whether you are an old hand or just starting out, Jo Robinson´s excellent page
"Grass-fed Basics". Also be sure to visit her excellent web-site at www.EatWild.com  to explore a
wealth of additional, accessible, useful, and very interesting, science-based information on this topic.

Also for excellent and comprehensive (if at times controversial) explanations of nutrition, and we feel the
future of the animal husbandry business, as related to grass-fed meats, don´t miss
Ted Slanker´s very
informative site. By the way, while we are happy to post sites which we feel may be helpful  for our
clients´research on various topics, we do so as a service and not to promote products, companies, or
individuals who are also in the business of selling, which we are not, apart from the services we
specifically offer on our own site. Thanks!
Full Hectare
10,000 mts sq/2.5 AC
Centro Tizimin
Forested building parcel, minutes from
city center. Utilities and all services in
Listing pending: Fabulous Rio Lagartos
"We have already reported on the fact that our farmers, throughout the state, are very careful about
how the crops of Yucatan are grown, including ensuring the quality of irrigation water. They have
gone so far as to take agricultural classes at UADY to make certain they are up on all the latest
information concerning the production of food for human consumption. Now, produce farmers in
Dzemocut are taking full advantage of our growing numbers of residents who prefer organically grown
vegetables and fruit.
Our organic farmers report that 100% of their products are now bought in the
markets in Merida
(My emphasis). This type of production is a huge leap for rural farmers, but they
have educated themselves and are organic experts now, so look for Yucateco grown organic vegetables
and fruit when you go to the markets from now on." Khaki Scott,
Yucatán Living.com
Organic Agriculture: In fact, numerous scientific studies have now shown that not only are sustainable, organic
agricultural practices better for our health, soils, and the health of our biosphere but as more and more people realize
the advantages are ALSO more efficient and profitable. Here is just one
30 year study published recently. From a
local, Yucatecan perspective, by way of example, and as published in our always informative E-zine,
Living.com , by Khaki Scott, "Organic Produce Now in Merida".  This also brief piece is well worth quoting at length:
Thank you for your visit. We hope to be of service and
meantime hope you will find our website helpful and of
interest. We welcome your questions, suggestions, and
feedback always so please
contact us at your convenience
and we will always respond ASAP!
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