Se hable Español y Ingles

                                                  Ing. Gil Romero´s Cell is  (52) 986-114-49-53 ... when he´s in signal range.

                 Lic. Cristina  Romero´s cell is   (52) 986-106-6813, M - F  7:30am - 6:30 pm (7:30am- 12:30pm, Sat/Sun)

  Please contact/leave message with Cristina if Gil is out of range at the moment. If you don´t speak Spanish or yours is rusty or a
"work in progress", please know that Christina will be glad to help you although her English is
also a work in progress so please be sure
to email Gil
in addition to calling Christina if you are pressed for time. Please note that we are also full-time rancher, farmer,
contractors and project managers so Gil is often unavailable immediately by phone. He will however respond to you ASAP and do his
best to give you the information and details you are looking for as you consider your options and possibilities.

   FYI, we hope to have the latest high-speed Internet and telephone on the ranch once again this year. We appreciate your patience
meantime. In fact, for those of you who may be hesitant to locate/buy properties with no hard-line phone/Internet services we are very
happy to inform that these services are now available via new, very highly efficient and cost effective wireless technology,(also works
fine with solar panels!) and are every bit as efficient and powerful as if your modem was plugged into the wall in Merida, Vancouver,
London , or Houston...and with up to 10 gigas of band width! Please contact us for further information.

Contact Us for all of your Yucatán Rural Property & State-wide, general Real Estate and Construction
needs whether you are looking for a ranch, farm, home at the beach or in one of our peaceful and beautiful
colonial cities. We can also remodel, restore or design and build your dream home and property from the
ground up with over 30 years of licensed, professional Real Estate and contracting experience in the
U.S, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. We are also full-time ranchers and agriculturalists,

alists, and promoters of sustainable and profitable land, water, and energy use which in no way
need to be mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary!

If your interests lean more towards investment opportunities rather than owner-occupied or
owner-managed properties and projects, we can work directly with you to take care of all of the details that
you prefer to entrust to experienced professionals engaged full-time in seeing your project...and your
investment... grow to fruition.

If we do not have listed the ideal property for your specific requirements, we will find it and help you acquire
it at the best price possible and in a timely fashion. Sales is often only the beginning of our professional
relationship and although you are of course free to work with anyone you like, we will always make
ourselves available for continuing, superb, after-sales support and project development at all levels as you
actually launch into the project and purpose which brought you to the Yucatán.
We are ALSO Yucatán Builders!
                                          Why Contact Us?  How will you benefit?    
       What sets us apart from the many other companies hoping to work with you?
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Nothing to do? Nothing pending? Great! Bring  it on!
Dare to dream....
For the lucky ones, it´s always "Happy Hour"....
¡Viviendo en la gloria, Yucatán!
Success is getting what we want. Happiness is wanting what we get. Most often, we get to decide....
Let there be light!
¡Viva Yucata´n!
The Fabulous...Flamboyan
Flowering Pataya (Patahaya)
cactus preparing to fruit....
            View from our ranch´s front porch....
We also grow these trees on site for friends and clients
View from our ranch´s back porch....
This page is lovingly
          dedicated to
Dr. Nancy Emily Stetson
friend, mentor, and
Email: Gil ("Guillermo")Romero´s  personal email is
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Day´s End Over the Mangroves, Rio Lagartos