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Welcome to the heartland of Yucatán´s horse and cattle country!
$ mxn/ $89,950.00
17 HAS/42 Acres  very close to town with large cave cenote!
Cenote Alert!
Not the biggest rancho in our area and inventory but certainly not a postage stamp
operation by any means! Corrals for amost 200 toros for finishing off for market makes
this property a serious contender for serious profits year in and year out if managed
properly. Sheep and dairy are also promising as are cash crops due to this property´s
excellent...tillable...soils and proximity to the urban centers and markets of Panaba,
Sucila, Tizimin, and even the coastal tourst centers of San Felipe and Rio Logartos.

This property would also great for a horse person because because besides being in the
heart of Yucatán´s cattle country, this is, as you might imagine serious horse country as
well and in fact both Panaba and Tizimin have serious horse related functions year round.
One of two wells  on this                                                                                                                                                                                                Ranch entrance near the highway leading to
property                                                 Steps leading down to the                             Rustic house, carport and garage                         just minutes away. The construction is just
                                                                   Cenote just a few meters                             A little TLC for part time occupancy                    behind that stand of trees affording
                                                                    from the house....                                            and there´s a great building space                        privacy as well as convenience....
                                                                                                                                                      for a new owner´s residence just
More fotos and video pending
                Thank you!