Best Value!!!!!!  345 Hectares/848 ACRES! Rancho Los Angeles, Tixcancal Graze, Reforest, or  Clear
and plant  200- 250 HAS/cash crops, Tropical Hardwoods, and/or magnificent pastures!
 Near Tizimin,  beaches,
Valladolid and Cancún. Serious  ranching, farming, commercial forestry, with eco-tourism potential....
Attention CO-OP Purchase and Permaculture buyers!

$2.985.000.00 mxn/Approximately $199,900 US*
345 Hectarias         Rancho de los Angeles, Tixcáncal - Colonia Yucatán       (English)
$8700 MXN/hectaria . Reporte la vendedora que 200 hasta 250 hectarias pueden ser mecanizable con buena
limpieza. Posibilidades sin limites....Cerca
Tizimin, Colonia Yucatán, Playa El Cuyo, Valladolid y Cancún.
¿Ganado, hortalezas para exportación, agro-forestal, y ? ..........

Below are most of our Ranch, Farm and Multi-Use listings. They are listed together because in many cases our
properties are involved in, or will also support,  numerous activities  such as Commercial Reforestation including
mixed species tropical hardwoods, citrus, fruit, medicinal and organic agro-chemical alternatives such as
Neem and
Moringa. These properties also increasingly support  Aquaculture, Permaculture, Eco-tourism, and Intentional
Community and
Co-Op  purchases, among numerous other almost unlimited possibilities and income strategies.

Our apologies: In all likely hood we have not yet uploaded many of our newest properties as Yahoo Web hosting has
had our site fouled up or frozen since 9/11/14 despite being paid a year in advance for their truly horrendous
"services". Know that we are in process of changing servers ASAP and that meantime that our new site is ready, we are
still 100% up and running with all of our services, operations, listing efforts, and projects so please
contact us  directly
so that if we don´t immediately have your property, we can personally locate it for  you ASAP,"¡Con mucho gusto!"
872 Hectares/2,158 Acres     Rancho El Palmar        4 generations of family ranching
tradition. Located between Tizimin and Colonia Yucatán so is close to one of the most beautiful beaches in
the state!. Fenced, divided, extensive installations. Currently under production. This property is off the grid  
but increasingly sophisticated
solar technologies, including federal grants for solar irrigation. make...
$8.400.000.00 mxn/Approximately $645,000.00 US*   $299 US/Acre                           
2,340 Hectares/5,750 Acres - Hacienda Rancho Escondido  Just over an hour to Merida,
30 min. to Izamal. This gorgeous hacienda &  ranch property (
especially at this price) is an excellent buy
simply as a high production cattle business. But what if you could dedicate less than 10% of the land to
limited development, recoup your total investment...and make in excess of a 58%  gross profit in 1-3 years?
$2.800.000.00 mxn/Approximadamente $199,900.00 US     
40 hectares/98.6 Acres Rancho del Mar near the Sea. Available with additional , nearby
40 HAS just above.  
Just minutes from Tizimin, the sea, and marvelous Rio Lagartos
Best of both worlds and living in the gloria that is Yucatán!  You can do a lot with close to 100
Acres! Fantastic location for ranching,  
sustainable farming, retirement, or CoOp Purchase .
Yucatán Ranch Farm and
If  you don´t  see what you are
looking for on these pages, please
contact us directly and we will make
every effort possible to promptly  
locate the property which fits your
requirements and budget.

We specialize in hard to find, and
special, innovative project
properties. You can also count upon
us for exceptional, post-sale services
on an on-going basis! Thank you!
100 HAS/ 250 Acres - Rancho San Pedro the fisherman  Ranch, Farm, Reforestation Project, and
Commercial Tilapia, or freshwater lobster & Shrimp & Aquaponics Operation. Ideal ranching with
farming and aquaculture sub-endeavors or mix around your emphasis.  Both aquaculture (
Farmed Fish) & commercial/tropical
reforestation are breaking all historical records with no end in sight.
Commercial reforest grant under way. Aquaculture grant
now pending! Elligible for
solar irrigation grant on 24 HAS off grid portion. Ideal Coop-purchase. Owner-financing possible.
Rancho Xno Haltun, Panaba 134 hectare/329+ Acre working ranch. 8-10 AC Tillable!  2.5 km
frontage and just minutes from
Panaba, near beaches, Tizimin, Valladolid, and Merida. Power at the
roadside now but easily delivered to main ranch installations. Large well kept corrals, plenty of water.
Currently self-sufficient with wind and solar power. Excellent (Incredible really!) price compared to recent
local sales in this area. Good pastures, fences & 2 km of rock-wall, last-forever, "albarada" fences along
At $11.5k mxn/HA this is $3500/HA  under average value in this area!              
Solar irrigation  grants available!
$5.173.500.00 mxn/Approximately $305,000.00 US*
198 hectares/486.5 Acres  Rancho San Lucas  de Panaba Working ranch, 2 houses, installations,
solar power, near San Felipe,
Rio Lagartos. & Tizimin with Merida just 2 hours west on all new highways.
We have the 3 contiguous ranchos for sale as well so you could end up with all four (over 700 HAS) for this
same low price per hectare.
Coop-purchase, Permaculture and Commercial Reforestation potential!
$32.760.000 mxn/Approximately $2,480,000 US*         Developers/Ranchers/Investors
75 Hectare/184 Acre working  Rancho Trejo del Valle. Includes all  installations, corrals,
feeders, water well. Currently eligible for
solar irrigation and other federal development grants. Currently
off-grid but power connect is on site & just 250 meters from current ranch installations.
Property has full 2
kilometers of road frontage.
Close to Panaba, Yalsihon, Tizimin and beaches. 2 hours East of Merida
Rancho Polpolnah  876 Hectares/2152+Acre working ranch near Colonia Yucatán &
Playa El Cuyo
with easy access to Tizimin, Playa del Carmen, and Merida. Many Mayan ruins and at least
28 discovered/verified cenotes. Unlimited
Ecotourism, coop-purchase, and sustainable Permaculture
potential....  Mayan ruins abound on this property. Ideal for ecotourism development.
 Additional 463
contiguous HAS also available. Ask us how  you can recoup your entire initial investment + profit in 3-5
years  or  less  !              
Rancho Santo de Asis, Panaba  Custom designed and built luxury home and high
production ranch and farm property.
87 hectares/214 high production, mostly tillable Acres. The home
is right out of Architect´s Digest and
the ranch is on the same level of design, utility and potential. Includes
all farm equipment and vehicles. This ranch/home is so special that we had to split the listing into two
separate pages. These are highlighted above.
$12.169.900.00 mxn/Approximately $929,000.00 US*
$ mxn/Approximately $74,900.00 US*
Great horse property!
$1.850.000.00 mxn / Approximately   $129,9000 US!    $267 US/Acre!
Rancho La Veleta, Panaba to be sold in conjunction with adjacent Rancho Xno Haltun (Listing
. Approximately 80+ hectare/196.6 Acre working cattle ranch. Fully fenced with all installations,
vaquero´s house, 10,000 liter water storage, 2 large corrals, road frontage and power passing through right
next to vaquero´s house. Needs some clearing for the excellent pasture  soils potential which our area is
literally famous for.
$11.500 pesos per hectare? You bet!  
                                         Reported 4-6 HAS/10-12 Acres TILLABLE!  
343 - 686 hectares, Rancho Los Dos Hermanos de Panaba   Asking $6500mxn/HA
The two "Hermanos" have decided to retire and so offer one or both of these largely identical properties at the same  
rock-bottom price considering comparables in this area are running from $11K pesos to $15K pesos per hectare. These are
working ranchos with all the installations, good pasture, water source and eligible for all kinds of grants (Since they are
Off-Grid) including for
solar well pumps and 3000 liters of additional water storage capacity.
$13.500.000 mxn/Approximately $825,000.00 US*     *Real Time Currency Converter
The fabulous Flamboyan
The soils are so rich here that  cattle actually can grow and
fatten with almost no chemicals or commercial feed!
                                       Ask us how!
Welcome  to Yucatán´s Big Sky Ranching & Agricultural
Day´s end  at magical Rio Lagartos
Chile Dulce
Yucatán  Chile: "Lillies of the field"
Yucatán: A place to put down roots, live, & prosper
Read More....
Rancho Esperanza, Panaba 24 Hectare/61+Acre Permaculture project. Ideal  potential. Fully deeded,
highest production ranching and agricultural areas. Your neighbors are the owners of this website.
Recreational  access to over  200 adjoining acres.  Great Coop-purchase property! 65 acre government  grant
 JUST FINISHED to plant 17,000 mixed species tropical hardwoods plus high demand cash crops.
$585.000.00 mxn /Approximately $44,900.00 US       Solar irrigation grant eligible!
655 Hectares/1,609.3 Acres  Rancho Rajonchen Municipalidad  de Espita  Working Ranch
Powered up for profit! 3 phase electricity, deep well, 25 hectares irrigated with plenty of capacity to add
15-20 more hectares. Fenced w/ divisions, rock wall "albarada" fronts on asphalt road, property boundary
30 minutes to Tizimin, less than 2 hours to our state capital and
financial hub of Merida.
$ mxn/Approximately $570,000.00 US     $354 US/ Acre             
Click HERE to see properties sold within the past 12 - 14 months
343 HAS  Rancho Hermanito At $6500/HA this is a real buy for a serious rancher (cattle or sheep),
coop-purchase, and/or Permaculture project. This ranch is actually part of a joint sale (See Rancho los dos
Hermanos above) but can be purchased separately at this size and price. Plenty of water, pasture, corrals
and huge potential. Near
Panaba, Tizimin, and spectacular beaches and Nature Gateways....
Hacienda Sacbacalcan de Campeche  218 hectare/536 Acre hacienda and working  ranch, in
Campeche, near the state line with Yucatán so conveniently located to beaches, including  the tropical
paradise at Celestún, as well as transportation hubs, services, and amenities available in nearby
Merida, the
Yucatán State Capital,
under an hour away.... Already an income generator, this property has virtually
unlimited potential!
$3.900.000.00 mxn/$299,000.00 US
We are ALSO Yucatán Builders!
¡Viviendo en la gloria...Yucatán!
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$236 US per acre
$ mxn/Approximately* $149,900.00 US*/$177 per Acre!
Ranch, Farm, and Multi-Use Properties
80 Hectares/196+ Acres Rancho Gaviotas near the sea. Prime grazing for cattle, horses, and
sheep. Near the sea at
Rio Lagartos yet very conveniently located near Tizimin, the state´s "second" capital
city, economic and cultural hub. The best of country combined with the access, services, and convenience
we expect from modern 21st century urban centers.
 Available with additional 40 HAS just below
$2.400.000.00 mxn/Approximately  $157,900.00 US*
Asking  $ mxn/Approximately $71,900.00 US*  
Motivated Seller!
This property elligible for Federal, Solar Irrigation Grants
Approximately $149,900 US/$177/Acre!